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How to connect dashcam to your smartphone's Wi-Fi hotspot?


    In order to connect your dashcam to cloud, use Facebook Live or YouTube Live, your BlackVue must be connected to the internet.


    Here is how to do it using only your phone’s internet connection.

    1.  Turn on your phone's "Personal hotspot" option and note the SSID (network name) and password of your phone's portable hotspot.
          NOTE: The SSID and Password is case sensitive, so be careful while noting the alphabets.


    2.  Go to the Cloud hotspot settings of your dashcam through the blackvue app.                                                                                NOTE:  Since you are connected to your dashcam through direct wifi , your phone's hotspot network will  not show up in the list of available networks.                                                                                               
    3.  Manually enter your phone's SSID (network name) and password that you saved in the first step.        

    4. Tap OK then go back until a popup asks you to Save and close or Quit without saving. Choose "Save and close". The new settings will be applied and the camera will reboot.  

    5.  Go to the BlackVue App's BLACKVUE CLOUD menu. Your camera should automatically connect to the Cloud via your phone (your phone should show that a device is connected to it) and the dashcam's icon should turn blue. 


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