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Which power and video cables (for dual channel dashcams) are compatible with my dashcam model?



    Following is a table that should help you figure out the video cable which is compatible with your model.



    Power cables

    Those are the same for the most part. The only models that use different power cables are the LCD dashcam models, including the recent DR490L-2CH and the older DR750LW-2CH. This is because those two models feature native Parking Mode (the DR490L-2CH must be hardwired directly to the vehicle to use Parking Mode), so the cables have constant power and switched power connections (in order to be able to detect whether the vehicle’s ignition is turned on and off). 


    Video cables

    So far all dual-channel BlackVue dashcams used a coaxial video cable. The DR490L-2CH and DR490-2CH introduced a new video cable, which connectors both resemble a 3.5mm headphone jack.



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