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What fuse taps should I use to hardwire my dashcam using Power Magic Pro?


    All BlackVue dashcams require less than 1 Ampere current to power on. Therefore, a fuse tap between 1 Ampere (minimum) to 2 Ampere (maximum) can be used to hardwire the dashcam to the car's battery. 

    Blackvue provides the following 3 types of fuse taps to connect the Power magic pro to your car's fuse box. 


    The compatibility of the fuse tap with your car's fuse box can be affirmed with the car's manufacturer or dealers (some cars have this information in the manual).



    Fuse tap: ATO fuse



    Fuse tap: Low Profile mini Fuse



    Fuse tap: Mini Fuse


    Following is the technical specification of the fuse taps above.



    You can also watch the video below on how to identify your fuse type.


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