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When does the error " The camera is in use/cannot start this function " occurs?


    This error occurs if you are performing any of the functions below simultaneously while accessing the dashcam through cloud.

    1.  When you are live viewing dashcam through direct wifi.
    2.  When you are playing file through Direct wifi
    3.  When you are downloading file through direct wifi.
    4.  When you are uploading file on cloud.
    5.  When you are downloading, playing or live viewing file through cloud.


    Other possible reasons for this prompt could be:

    1.  A lot of event files in file list when you connect with the camera through cloud.   
    2.  Numerous requests to upload files to cloud or a number files in queue to be uploaded to cloud.


    So make sure your camera is not performing any of the above functions in order to allay the error.

    Thank you 


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      Joel Andersson

      The error is still there, in the app and on the computer.... // Joel, Sweden

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      Just started to get this error when trying to view through the cloud. The above is not helpful at all. Tell me please how to resolve it.

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      Dear Customers
      Please update the firmware of your dashcam and the blackvue app to the latest version and see if it helps fixing the issue.

      Thank you

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      Bruce Melbourne

      Same problem here. Done everything and everything updated. Camera connected to house wifi. Mac connected to house wifi. Has there got to be a minimum speed of internet connection for this to work? If so, what is it and where could I have found it in your documentation?

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      Hello Bruce
      As such there is no minimum limit for internet connection speed. May i ask when exactly do you get this error? If possible can you send a short video clip of the whole scenario to cs@pittasoft.com so that our engineers can investigate into the cause and find a possible troubleshooting?

      Thank you

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      Shivam Patel

      I am also getting the same error now. one day before it was working fine..