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When does the error " The camera is in use/cannot start this function " occurs?


    This error occurs if you are performing any of the functions below simultaneously while accessing the dashcam through the Cloud.

    1.  When you are live viewing the dashcam through direct wifi.
    2.  When you are playing a file through Direct wifi
    3.  When you are downloading a file through direct wifi.
    4.  When you are uploading a file to the cloud.
    5.  When you are downloading, playing, or live-viewing a file through the Cloud.


    Other possible reasons for this prompt could be:

    1.  A lot of event files are in the file list when you connect with the camera through the Cloud.   
    2.  Numerous requests to upload files to the Cloud or a number of files in the queue to be uploaded to the Cloud.


    So make sure your camera is not performing any of the above functions in order to allay the error.


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      Joel Andersson

      The error is still there, in the app and on the computer.... // Joel, Sweden

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      Just started to get this error when trying to view through the cloud. The above is not helpful at all. Tell me please how to resolve it.

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      Dear Customers
      Please update the firmware of your dashcam and the blackvue app to the latest version and see if it helps fixing the issue.

      Thank you

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      Bruce Melbourne

      Same problem here. Done everything and everything updated. Camera connected to house wifi. Mac connected to house wifi. Has there got to be a minimum speed of internet connection for this to work? If so, what is it and where could I have found it in your documentation?

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      Hello Bruce
      As such there is no minimum limit for internet connection speed. May i ask when exactly do you get this error? If possible can you send a short video clip of the whole scenario to cs@pittasoft.com so that our engineers can investigate into the cause and find a possible troubleshooting?

      Thank you

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      Shivam Patel

      I am also getting the same error now. one day before it was working fine..

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      Richard Crowley

      Same error , the cloud connects but when you try and view a file I get the error and then the dash cam disconnects and will re-connected a minute later and the error cycle continues

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      Hello Richard
      Please format your SD card in FAT 32 format in blackvue PC viewer after backing up all your files and enter a formatted empty SD card in the camera which will fix the issue. If the issue persists, please send an email to cs@pittasoft.com for further troubleshooting.

      Thank you

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      Arshad iqbal Syed

      Hello, Same error it works fine day befor yesterday starts error. Turning on showing logo then black screen wifi and gps led still on touch screen not resonding. What to do?

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      Hello Arshad
      Please follow the RMA procedure mentioned in the link below.

      Thank you

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      Max Pavlov

      It's rather stupid to lead people to a RMA for a software error that is. In fact, my BlackVue 750 2CH was working perfectly fine on previous firmware but with the latest update, your software team has almost cast the live view inoperable due to this error.

      I can assure you most of the users of the later firmware are affected. Debug the error in-house and roll out firmware upgrade. Or open up the API so that third parties implement their own apps to solve the problems your software team is uncapable of solving.

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      Hello Max
      Thank you for your comment and consideration.
      The last comment about RMA was for the customer whose touch screen was not responding.
      Our apologies for the misunderstanding.

      Best Regards

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      Alan Howard

      I keep getting this message when trying to connect to the cloud. 'The camera is in use and/or cannot start this function'. It come's on when trying to live view, you then press ok to clear the message the icon is still blue showing your connected so you try again and it fails again and so you go on. It happen's when connected to home Wifi or mobile hotspot. Satellite map just shows map of U.S. This has all been working fine for ages but seems to have gone down since the last firmware update. Have followed these post carefully and even formated the SD card but to no avail. Where i park makes it nesessary to live view quite often during the day as other vehicles have been damaged recently,this was a key reason for the purchase.
      Firmware version is :1.012
      Camera model: DR650S-2CH
      App version 2.75 release date 11/8/18

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      Marcel Wiss

      Same problem. Seems to happen when connection changes from e.g. home-wifi to car-wifi. In cloudviewer connection seems OK (blue). If you keep on trying to make a connection after somewhere of 50th attempt it will work :-( .

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      alan premselaar

      I have the same problem. Live View seems to work without problem but when trying to play back any of the video files from the camera via the cloud service I get "Camera is in use. Please try again later." it seemed to have worked once in the past 2 days since I installed the camera, but I haven't been able to get it to work since.

      I get the same error when trying to Copy to Local Disk, but if I select Copy to Cloud, then it queues it to copy.

      The problem happens with the Mac app version 1.24 (239) as well as the iOS app version 2.77.

      there doesn't appear to be any way to confirm if the camera is processing an event upload queue nor do there appear to be any other vial diagnostics tools/information available.

      The camera is a DR900S-2CH running firmware version 1.005

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      douglas grant

      I have a similar if not worse problem with my brand new DR750s-2ch. I have the very latest FW (1.011) and the latest app on my iphone (2.77). When I connect to the cam via wifi from my phone, the only videos shown are the currently recording videos (F+R) which of course I cannot save anywhere, being 'live'. NOTHING else appears in the list of videos. NOTHING.
      I managed last night to disable the camera with a long press of the wifi button and 'caught' the last pair of files and managed to save those. But that is not any use to me.

      FYI I do not use the cloud. I do not want to use the cloud.

      This system seems to be FUBAR. Please explain the steps I should take to get this working IF they are any different to what your online help told me to do when I first installed the cam. If all you are going to do is repeat those steps then I'd like an RMA number please.

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      Hello Douglas
      Can you please take out the SD card and connect it to the PC to check if the recorded videos are just not showing on the phone or they are not at all present on the SD card. If they are on the SD card and just not being shown on the phone, then please send us a screenshot of the app where you are trying to access the files. If the videos are not present on the SD card either then they might be overwritten or are not getting recorded on SD card due to some reason.
      Thank you

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      douglas grant

      there are no recordings on the SD card. My config.ini file looks like:


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      Hello Douglas
      It means there is an issue with the camera. Please follow the troubleshooting procedure mentioned in the article below and see if it helps.
      If the issue persists, please send an email to cs@pittasoft.com for further troubleshooting steps.

      Thank you

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      douglas grant

      That was no help. I've already been thru the 'help' center. Already talking to CS but it looks like this one is a dud.

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      douglas grant

      Ok, as an engineer I feel I need to pass on this important information to your users. 64GB SD cards are not directly formattable as FAT32 in Windows. It can only cope with up to 32GB and will simply not let you format a card > 32GB.

      Blackvue need to improve their testing as this would have been an obvious problem if they had bothered trying to do what they tell their users to do "You MUST format the card for FAT32 (FAT on Macs) before use".
      You CAN work around the problem. In the Windows10 start menu, search for PowerShell (Admin). You can run this and then type 'format /FS:FAT32 E:' (replacing 'E' with whatever drive letter your PC has allocated for the SD card)
      This will take a while to run, but should not fail (as the standard windows format tool does) with a "Virtual Disk Service error: The volume size is too big" error.

      If (like me) you don't have windows 10, you can download an exe from http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?guiformat.htm
      (I have no affiliation with this website or company)
      I ran this (after deleting the multiple partitions I found on the SD card and then recreating the necessary single partition, using diskpart from the command prompt) and it formatted the entire 64G card as a single partition. It took 10 seconds to download and run.
      After which I can magically (!!!) use the camera as it is intended to work. I can see all the Event, Manual, etc videos in the iPhone app and save them as expected.

      Please, Blackvue, add this advice to your user guides etc so that the next user doesn't have the same problems.
      And maybe educate your CS staff and also add this to your testing regime.

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      Hello Douglas
      Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.
      You can use our blackvue viewer (https://www.blackvue.com/download/blackvue-windows-viewer-cloud/ ) to format the SD card (16, 32, 64, and 128 GB ) in FAT 32 format.
      This process seems to be simpler than what you have mentioned in the comment above.
      Thank you

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      douglas grant

      That's all very well if you work on a PC.
      This is not an option to Mac users.
      The process I have been through in finding and fixing your issue can hardly be called 'simple'.

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      Dennis Backherms

      I am having the same issue with my PC app. No matter what I try to do with the videos I get the "Camera is in use. Please try again later" error. I would like to move these over to my computer however continue to get this error. I do not want to have to remove the SD card every time I want to download videos.
      Model: DR900S-2CH
      Firmware Version: 1.009

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      Ricardo Caldeira

      Same problem here... somehow is related to live view as both times that I’ve tried to change settings after a live view it says Camera is in use... Now I need to power cycle the camera again... Please advise. DR900S-2CH with last firmware.

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      Paul Kas

      Why isn't this fixed yet.? How many times do people have to ask to get this rectified.? Stop regurgitating the same "copy & paste" replies that don't work!!

      HOW do we fix this Camera In Use issue.??

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      martin chambers

      Is there such a thing as blackvue customer service?????????????????????????????????????????????
      I shall be do my upmost to get a refund on the £825 [including installation and battery] I have spent on something that isn't fit for purpose. What's the point of having a "cloud service" that nobody can use??? Really glad I haven't subscribed to one of the plans

      Edited by martin chambers
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      behrad shahrooz

      I’m having this same issue! I cannot play any of my videos back at all! How can I not have the dashcam recording when it’s on? It always records when I’m connected to WiFi so how am i supposed to not have the camera do any other functions other than play back the videos?! This is a really annoying issue and has made the dashcam pointless because in a case of an accident right now I would not be able to do anything with my recordings! Fix this annoying issue and have better customer service!

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      Lou Nawlins

      I suspect 3, 4, & 5 are the culprit as most of the time when I try to download a file to "local" or upload to "Cloud" it puts in a que. And since there doesn't seem to be a way to view or cancel files that are in a que, we are just stuck awaiting them to finally down or up load. It would be nice to have control over the que file so as to be able to force the transfer to start, delete or pause.


      Until then, I recommend turning off "auto upload" and use the over the air file transfer sparingly.  Reverting to copying from the SD card instead.

      I am also guessing that the "Que" is part of the "Cloud" program and thus updating camera version, deleting files, etc. has no effect on it.  So the issue remains each time the camera is connected to the cloud it tries to resume uploading or downloading a file.  And as this whole process is extremely slow, it only makes it worse as each file is added, or if a file is deleted and it can not be found.  Thus forcing the cloud to time out before moving on.

      3. When you are downloading file through direct wifi.
      4.When you are uploading file on cloud.
      5. When you are downloading, playing or live viewing file through cloud.

      Edited by Lou Nawlins
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      Paul Kas

      I fixed this myself ...
      No thanks to the replies I've seen in this thread so far !!

      1. Open Blackvue App
      2. Open Blackvue Cloud
      3. Next too your camera name is 3 dots, click that
      4. From that list, choose "UN-Register Camera" ...
      5. Go back to main menu, click the 3 lines top left,
      6. Choose "Firmware Download", select your dashcam model
      7. Install Firmware Update ... Reboot Dashcam, Setup if needed. Exit.
      8. Open Blackvue App, then Blackvue Cloud, "Register New Camera" .. Done!!

      Personally this worked for me, I can now see my Dashcam L!VE again! :-))
      It may vary for others, I dunno, but I no longer get the "camera in use" error !!!
      I will find out what version App & Dashcam I am running, & come back & edit here later !!

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