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The dashcam is continuously triggering beep voice. How to fix it?


    The beep voice triggers  when the camera starts event recording during Normal recording mode.

    You can turn off the sound via blackvue app by connecting to your dashcam through direct Wi-Fi using your phone.

    1. Connect with your dashcam through direct wifi

    2. Go to blackvue app

    3. Go to Blackvue Wi-Fi

    3. Go to the settings

    4. Go to System settings

    5. Turn the "Starting event recording(beep) off


    You can also change it via  blackvue PC viewer

    1. Connect SD card to your computer

    2. Launch blackvue viewer

    3. Go to the firmware settings.

    4.Go to the System settings.

    5.Turn the "Starting event recording(beep) off.

    Thank you