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BlackVue SIM Card Activation For CM100/CM100G LTE module (Via App-NA version Only)


    Users who own BlackVue SIM cards can follow the procedures found in the SIM Card activation guide below to activate it on your CM100/CM100G LTE Module (NA version Only)


    Prepare the following:

    • An LTE Dashcam
    • SIM Card Eject Tool
    • BlackVue SIM Card



    A. Activate your BlackVue Sim Account

    1. Insert the BlackVue SIM Card into your CM100G LTE.

      Unscrew the bolt that locks the SIM slot cover on the connectivity module. Remove the cover, and unmount the SIM slot using the SIM eject tool. Insert the SIM card into the slot.


      Connect the front camera (USB port) and the connectivity module cable (USB).


      Power the dashcam before proceeding to the next step.
    2. Register your dashcam with your account

       In the BlackVue app, select Connect to Cloud and log in to your account.
      Press + and then select the cameras
      Choose the camera on the list (make sure that your phone's Wi-FI and BT (Bluetooth) are turned on.

      The app will ask for your permission to access your dashcam’s GPS data. If you allow access the app will be able to show your dashcam’s location and speed. If you don’t allow access you won’t be able to see your dashcam’s location and speed (you can allow access later in Privacy settings).

      The App will ask to connect to Direct Wi-Fi to proceed with the configuration. 

    3. Connect to BlackVue Cloud
      • Select BlackVue SIM Card
      • Enter your BlackVue SIM ICCID number.
        • The ICCID number is printed on the SIM card package.
      • Enter the last 14 digits (after 89642) of the ICCID number.
      • Take note of your subscription period and select Next.
      • Enter your billing information and select "Try 1 month free"
      • Select OK and you are done.

    B. Configure the APN

    Since the BlackVue sim is originally designed to be used, with Built-in LTE model cameras, users using CM100/CM100G should input the APN manually. 

    1. Go back to the home menu, select connect to cloud

    2. From the camera list, go to camera options, select Cloud connection settings

    mceclip0.png   mceclip2.png

    3. On choose Cloud connection method page, select 3rd Party SIM card 


    4. Fill up the APN field. Enter connect.cxn on it.  (No need to search network since it's a BlackVue Sim).  Saved.  

    mceclip5.png  mceclip7.png

    5. It will go to the next page, just click ok.  Dashcam should be connected to the cloud within 2-3 minutes.



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