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[BlackVue App] A Look At The Upcoming Major Update


    The BlackVue App is getting an update soon. Here is a heads-up.
    Planned for March 6, 2023 (Korea Standard Time), the update is a major redesign aimed at improving the user experience. 


    What you need to know

    • The version number for this update is 3.41 for both Android and iOS devices.
    • The new app will require you to log in upon first use. You can create an account or log in with an Apple ID or Google ID (on both Android and iOS versions). 
    • The “Connect to camera” and “Connect to Cloud” menus are merged into the “Camera” tab. This menu also lets you access your connected Parking Mode Battery or manage your BlackVue SIM Card. 

    The new app is divided into four tabs to facilitate intuitive navigation and quick access to the functions you need. Let’s go over the four tabs in more detail.


    Explore Tab

    In the Explore Tab, you can browse content from the BlackVue community – check the Live footage from publicly shared cameras around the world, see which user-shared videos are trending, take a look at the global Event statistics, or learn about the latest BlackVue-related news.


    Camera Tab

    As stated above, the BlackVue App has traditionally been separated into two menus based on the connection method: direct Wi-Fi (“Connect to camera” menu) or over the Cloud (“Connect to Cloud” menu).

    With the new app, the Camera tab becomes the one place from which you manage your cameras no matter how you connect to them.

    Instead of having two separate menus, the Camera menu includes a toggle button to switch between Wi-Fi and Cloud connection. Whether you manage one or multiple cameras, we believe this should simplify your day-to-day experience with the app. 

    In the Camera tab, you can also manage your connected Parking Mode battery (Power Magic Ultra Battery) or your BlackVue SIM Card. 


    Event Map Tab

    The Event Map Tab displays a heatmap of Event videos shared by BlackVue users. After you grant the BlackVue app access to your location, the map will center on you and show a view of your surroundings. The roads show different colors, depending on the density of BlackVue dashcam Events triggered on those roads. Playable videos will pop up in the form of small thumbnails on the map. You too can participate and contribute to the Event Map with your videos – by either sharing them manually or by setting up the auto-share feature.


    Profile Tab

    To edit your profile, change your password or upgrade your plan, go to the Profile Tab. Here you can also check how much of the Live View, Playback/Downloads, and Cloud Storage you used and see your Downloaded Videos. Tapping the “More” tab at the top of the screen takes you to a menu from where you can contact our Customer Support if you need help. You can also consult the App Manual or check some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The Safety Notice and our Terms & Policies can be accessed from this tab as well.


    Before / After

    To help navigate the new app, we listed the main menus of the “old” app and matched them with their “new” app equivalents.

    App version 3.40 App version 3.41 and up
    Connect to camera menu Camera tab
    Connect to Cloud menu Camera tab
    BlackVue Battery menu Camera tab → Battery button
    BlackVue SIM Card menu Camera tab → SIM button
    Downloaded videos Profile tab → Downloaded Videos
    Also: Camera tab → My Camera → Downloaded Videos


    Diagram showing the location of the main menus in the BlackVue App version 3.41


    Check out the video below to see the main sections of the new app.


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      Elmer Prenzlow

      I can’t find out how to delete events.

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