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[BlackVue App] Camera Preview


    What is Camera Preview?


    Camera Preview is a camera’s detailed page after selecting your camera from your camera list. 

    It shows the well-organized features of the camera based on its connection status. 



    Cloud Preview & Cloud-disconnected Preview

      Connection type 
    Features Cloud connected Cloud disconnected
    Playback O O
    Live View O X
    GPS Tracking O O
    Report O O
    GPS Map O O
    Settings O O
    Firmware  O O


    1. Cloud-connected camera preview 

    1.1 Select the cloud-connected camera. The next screen shows you the preview of the camera features in real-time. (Playback, Live View, Tracking, Report)

    1.2 The map view in the middle of the preview lets you know your camera’s location in real-time. 

    1.3 Also, the report (Daily Safe Driving Score) is updated every time you drive. 


    2. Cloud-disconnected camera preview

    2.1 The information in this preview is saved and displayed while the camera is connected to the cloud.

    2.2 Even though this is not showing the real-time data, it still shows the data until the last time the camera was connected to the Cloud.


    3. Cloud-registered camera while it’s never been connected to the cloud

    3.1 When you tap the Cloud setting of a Cloud-registered camera but not yet Cloud-connected, you will see a screen that shows some points to check.

    3.2 Wait for about two to three minutes after registering the camera and setting the hot spot.



    Wi-Fi Camera Preview

      Connection type 
    Features Cloud unregistered
    (Wi-Fi Connected)
    Playback O
    Live View O
    GPS Tracking X
    Report X
    GPS Map X
    Settings O
    Firmware  O (Wi-Fi FOTA)

    1. Wi-Fi camera that’s never been registered in the Cloud 

    This means that the camera was added to the camera list but the hot spot was not configured in the app. This camera can only be accessed via a Wi-Fi connection.


    2. Cloud Camera disconnected (and becomes Wi-Fi camera only)

      Internet Connection
    Features Internet Available Internet Disabled
    Playback O O
    Live View O O
    GPS Tracking O X
    Report O X
    GPS Map O X
    Settings O (Cloud Push notification & Live Event upload) O (Firmware)
    Firmware Update (Wi-Fi FOTA) O O



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