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[BlackVue App] Cameras Management


    Camera Tab

    The Camera Tab is the app's section where you can add and manage your cameras.

    For your guidance, a welcome/onboarding mock-up page will be shown only if there is no camera added to the list. camera list will be shown.


    You can begin by tapping the (+ Camera) button to add a camera.

    *Please refer to Add camera manual part with the embedded link (Add camera).



    Camera List: Camera Connection Statuses

    Below shows the camera connection statuses for this new UI/UX Blackvue App.


    Camera lists are shown based on the user’s plan in BlackVue Cloud.

    *Note that you can add an unlimited number of cameras to the camera list. However, only those you can not to the Cloud are determined by your Cloud Plan.

    In the left image above, Free Plan has only one camera registered to the Cloud. The other two cameras are added to the list but can only be accessed via Wi-Fi.

    In the right image, the Smart Plan has two cameras registered to the Cloud. The third (last) camera is not connected to any hot spot, and so is not Cloud connected (denoted by the "Cloud connection steps 1 of 2").


    Camera Group (Fleet Exclusive)

    The Fleet owner can make the Group and assign Admins and Drivers in the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer.

    (Refer to Members & Groups in the web viewer manual)


    How to search for a camera

    When you want to search for your camera among the other cameras on your list, simply tap the search icon and type the name of the camera.


    On the map view

    You can check the location of your cameras on the World Map by going to the “Camera” tab. You will see the “Map” icon at the upper right corner of the screen.



    On the map view, the app will show the public cameras in the region. To hide them, tap the   icon.

    Uncheck “BlackVue Live Cameras” and click OK.  The public cameras will be hidden on the map.

    To hide a certain group of cameras. Tap the Filter icon to filter out the cameras you wish not to see on the map at the moment. All groups are selected to be visible on the map by default. Unselect the groups and tap OK. If you tap Reset, the changes you made in this filter will be reset and you will be moved back to the map view. Once you made any changes in the filter and tap the “OK” button, you will find a blue point on the right top of the filter icon. Filter on means that a change has been made in the filter. If you don’t have any cameras or groups, you will find the filter icon greyed out, as in . (Fleet Owner Account only)



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