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BlackVue App Explore Home


    About the Explore Home Tab

    As the BlackVue App underwent a renewal with major changes to its interface, we introduce the  Explore Home tab to introduce new features and services.

    So, you can indirectly experience our cloud features and contents even without a dashcam yet.

    Enjoy looking around the content that is shared by BlackVue users.


    Event banner

    In the "Event banner" section, we share a variety of events and promotions with BlackVue users. Each product banner is clickable, with a link containing relevant details. 


    BlackVue Live

    The "BlackVue Live" section is a collection of user-shared live videos that you can watch.

    The ongoing live-view videos are listed in this section at random.

    You can also check the video owner’s location and the camera’s name.

    Moreover, you can get to know the number of live viewers in a particular video.


    Popular Videos

    The "Popular Videos" is a collection of shared events files that are categorized into two: most liked and most viewed videos.


    Event Map with Random Location & Event Type Display

    The map displays random locations in the world with the number of a particular event type at a certain time.


    What’s New

    What’s New is a section that displays Youtube videos from BlackVue's official Youtube channel.

    The latest and most popular videos appear in this section randomly.



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