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Heads Up On The Upcoming BlacKVue App v3.42 Update




    Dear BlackVue Users,

    We are truly sorry for the inconvenience and distress caused by the BlackVue app 3.41 update.

    A new update (3.42) is in preparation, with a release expected next week (March 23).

    It will add:

    • a Guest access mode (direct Wi-Fi access without login requirement to access the camera and the downloaded videos).
    • The Camera tab will be the new default tab.
    • The developers are also working on improving the loading speed of the tabs.
    • All in all, it should make it faster than ever before to access one's dashcam over Wi-Fi or Cloud for logged-in users, while still providing options for users who do not want to create an account and users with an account but have no internet access.
    • The Event Map auto-sharing option will be removed altogether, in order to avoid accidentally sharing videos. Users will only be able to pick and add videos manually.

    Thank you. 




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