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[BlackVue App] More Section under User Profile


    More Section Overview 

    The “More” section, found inside the Profile tab, includes our various support channels that make your BlackVue experience better. Check the features below.


    The top portion of the More section is the “Need Help?”, which consists of the following:

    1. Chat: The BlackVue Chat Bot provides 24/7 assistance - even when our Technical Support agents are away.

    2. Email: You will be directed to our Online Form and submit your inquiry to our Technical Support.

    3. Call: The call service is toll-free for customers in the US and Canada. For customers outside the US and Canada, additional charges may apply. Our Technical Support agents accept calls from Monday to Saturday, 7 AM to 7 PM Pacific Standard Time.

    App Manual

    When you select “App Manual”, you will be directed to our Online Manual page (manual.blackvue.com).


    Help Center

    When you select “Help Center”, you will be directed to our Help Center page (helpcenter.blackvue.com/hc) and search for articles on how to operate our products and find solutions to some issues.


    BlackVue Shop

    When you select “BlackVue Shop”, you will be directed to our official Online Shop page (blackvue.com/shop) and find the latest products/services we release.


    The Latest News-Banner

    “The Latest News-Banner” is the section where BlackVue released blog or news about our products and service are found.


    App settings

    The App settings page of your application consists of several  settings of the app itself (and not the camera). You can find the following in the App settings.

    1. Map mode: This setting allows you to choose between Google Maps or Apple Maps as your preferred map provider. Depending on your device and operating system, one option may be more available to you than the other.
    2. Speed unit on map: This setting allows you to choose the unit in which the speed on the map will be displayed. You can choose between kilometers per hour (kph) or miles per hour (mph).
    3. App version: This displays the current version of the app you have installed on your device. This information is useful for determining if you have the latest version and if there are any updates available.
    4. Push notifications: This setting allows you to enable or disable push notifications from the app. Push notifications can be useful for receiving important updates and alerts. 
    5. Delete account: This setting allows you to delete your account and all associated data from the app. This is a permanent action and cannot be undone, so be sure only to use this option if you are certain that you no longer need access to your account.


    Safety Notice

    Safety Notice” is a section in the app that contain warnings about potential hazards or safety concerns related to the use of the app, such as the risk of distraction while driving or the use of the app while in dangerous situations. It is important to carefully read and understand the information in the Safety Notice section in order to ensure safe and responsible usage of the app.


    Terms and policies

    Terms and policies” is a legal agreement between the user and the app’s creator that outlines the terms of use for the app. This agreement includes information about the user’s rights and responsibilities, as well as the app creator’s rights and responsibilities. The Terms and policies may include information about data privacy, intellectual property, and any limitations or warranties associated with the use of the app. It is important to carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions before using the app, as you are agreeing to be bounded by the terms outlined in the agreement while using the app.



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