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[BlackVue App] Remote Firmware Update FOTA (+DMC200)


    What is FOTA? 

    FOTA is the abbreviation for Firmware On The Air, which means you can update the camera’s firmware wirelessly. It is also known as Remote Firmware Update. BlackVue FOTA is available in two types: Cloud FOTA and Wi-Fi FOTA.


    How to Access FOTA

    FOTA is available in both Cloud and WiFi view of a camera. You can access the Remote Firmware Update on a camera's submenu.


    From the Camera List View

    Tap the   icon of a camera from the camera list to reveal the submenu and select Remote Firmware Update


    From the Cloud View & Wi-Fi View

    Check at the bottom (BlackVue F/W) if there is a new firmware available.


    Wi-Fi FOTA

    NOTE: This FOTA update requires a user to be in close proximity to the dashcam.

    1. When you go the camera's Wi-Fi View, you can see that a new firmware version is available signified by the icon . Tap BlackVue F/W.

    2. Read the release note(s) and tap Update Firmware for the new firmware version to be downloaded in the app.

    3. Tap the Continue button after finishing the download. The firmware in app will be copied to the dashcam wirelessly. 

    4. A pop-up will be shown with a message that the FOTA is successfully completed. 

    5. Tap OK to complete the FOTA update.


    Cloud FOTA

    NOTE:This FOTA update can be done remotely, i.e. even if the user is far away from the camera.

    With Cloud FOTA, the latest version of the firmware is sent from the server to camera directly. This means that the camera should be Cloud-connected and the mobile phone should have an internet connection at the time of updating the firmware via Cloud.



    DMC200 FOTA

    DMC200 is an AI-powered rear IR camera which has its own firmware. The firmware can be updated either via Cloud or WiFi.

    When updates are available for both the front and DMC200 cameras, the front camera firmware must be download first.  


    From the Camera List View


    From the Cloud View 


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