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[BlackVue Web Viewer] Cameras Management


    Cameras Section

    The Cameras Section is the Web Viewer is where you can manage your cameras. Cameras cannot be added in the camera list via the BlackVue Web Viewer. 


    In the new style of camera list, you can see your cameras that were added before, including Cloud-compatible cameras.

    In case of the Wi-Fi-only cameras, you can only rename or delete them from the list.


    Camera List: Camera Connection Statuses

    Below shows the camera connection statuses for this new UI/UX Blackvue App.

    Camera Group (Fleet Exclusive)

    The Fleet owner can make the Group and assign Admins and Drivers in the BlackVue Cloud Web Viewer.

    (Refer to Members & Groups in the web viewer manual)


    How to search for a camera

    When you want to search for your camera among the other cameras on your list, simply click the search icon and type the name of the camera.


    On the map view

    This is the landing page on the Cloud Web Viewer. On the  far left, you will see the main menu. The rest of the page displays the camera list on top of the map. By default, you will see all the public BlackVue Live cameras including your own. 


    If you click the filter button (), you will see BlackVue Live Cameras ON/OFF toggle option.

    If it’s OFF, only your cameras are displayed on the map and all other publicly shared cameras will be removed from the map.


    Your camera icon contains some information such as camera name, parking mode, driving mode, cloud connectivity, and speed. Note that this information is updated in real-time.


    Cloud connectivity: Your camera is greyed out when it is disconnected from the Cloud. When your camera is connected to the cloud, the BlackVue icon turns blue or the personalized camera icon will appear. 

    My Cameras
    Cloud connected Cloud connected (Parking mode) Cloud disconnected
    BlackVue Live Cameras(depends on public settings)

    Full-screen mode: Click the icon mceclip5.png located on the upper right corner of the screen to view the map in full-screen mode.








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