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Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112)


    Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112) at a Glance

    The Power Magic Battery Pack, also known as B-112 battery, is the BlackVue's first battery accessory for Parking Mode recording. - Purchase here

    The following diagrams explain each part of the Power Magic Battery Pack.

    LED Indicators

    Product Features

    • Up to 12 hours use after 1 hour of rapid charging. (Based on a single dashcam that consumes 12 V / 2.8 kWh of energy)
    • Compatible with both car (12 V) and heavy vehicle (24 V) electrical systems.
    • When the engine is on, the power supply to the dashcam bypasses the battery.
    • When the engine is off, output automatically switches to draw power from the battery
    • DIY installation – standard cigarette lighter socket and plug. 
    • 2 USB sockets (5 V) to charge other devices (smartphone, mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, etc.).

    Product Specifications

    USB Power Sockets

    • The battery pack has 2 USB sockets(5 V) to charge other devices (smartphone, portable
      Wi-Fi router, etc).
    • The battery pack can charge up to 2 devices and power the dashcam at the same time.


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