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Power Magic Pro (PMP)


    The Power Magic Pro powers your dashcam when the engine is off by hardwiring it to the car battery. A low voltage power cut-off function and a parking mode timer protect your car battery from discharge.

    Using the Parking Mode Switch, you can easily enable/disable parking mode, without affecting drive recording auto-start at ignition.

    Power Magic Pro At a Glance


    Product Specifications

    • Rated Output Voltage: 12 - 24V DC
    • Power Cut-off Timer Setting: 6 hours ~ infinity
    • Output Current / Quiescent Current: Rated at 1A (Maximum 2A) / Below 200uA
    • Power Cut-off Voltage (based on input voltage): 12V, 12.5V (+/-0.1V) / 22.8V, 23.
    • 2V (+/-0.1V)
    • Power Restoration Voltage (based on the input voltage): Cut-off voltage +0.2V and higher


    Before adjusting the cut-off voltage and timer switches, ensure you turn the Parking Mode Switch OFF and unplug the wire harness from the Power Magic Pro.

    • Parking Mode Switch: The Parking Mode Switch lets you easily enable/disable parking mode without affecting drive recording. Regardless of whether the switch is ON or OFF, the Power Magic Pro detects when you start your engine and automatically powers your dashcam while driving
    • Power Cut-off Settings: The Power Magic Pro will power your dashcam in parking mode until either your car battery voltage drops to the configured value or the configures timer elapses (whichever occurs first).



    Is Power Magic Pro a battery pack?

    *Power Magic Pro is not a battery that provides power to the camera when the car's engine is off. Rather, it is a device that is connected directly (hardwiring) to the car's fuse panel and supply power to the camera depending on the cut-off settings to prevent battery drain.


    What are the wires of the Power Magic Pro?

    *The Power Magic Pro has three wires that should be connected to the car's fuse panel. The Yellow wire is the BATT+ wire that should be connected to a "constant" fuse. The Red wire is the ACC+ that should be connected to an "switched" fuse. The Black wire is the GND (ground) wire that should be connected to any bare, unpainted, metal part, usually to a bolt near the fuse box, for grounding.

    *The other two wires (black and red) are connected to a female socket where the cigarette power cable of the camera should be plugged.


    What are constant and switched fuses?

    *A constant fuse is a fuse that remains active all the time, even if the car's engine is off. Some examples include fuse connections to the car's door lock, horn, airbags, etc.

    *A switched fuse is a fuse that is only activated when the car's engine is on. Typical examples include fuse for the air-conditioning unit, radio, windows, etc.


    Can I use only one cut-off setting at a time, deactivating the other?

    *No. The voltage-cutoff setting is always activated to prevent car battery drainage. Also, the minimum timer-cutoff value is 6 hours.


    Can I connect my Power Magic Pro to another battery pack?

    *This may cause malfunctioning of the products. We also do not recommend a series connection of the PMP to any of our battery packs for safety reasons. Moreover, the input rated current of the PMP is lesser than the required charging current of the power magic battery pack/B-112 (3.5A) and power magic ultra batter/B-130X (5A). 




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