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Tamper-proof Cases


    The BlackVue Tamper-Proof Cases are designed to prevent access to critical components of the dashcam.
    All models block access to the microSD card slot and the power and video cable connectors on the front camera.
    The Tamper-Proof Cases for X Series models also allow to lock the angle of the front camera. - Purchase here


    For Cloud Dashcams

    • DR970X, DR770X, DR900X (Plus) and DR750X (Plus)


    For LTE Dashcams

    • DR970X LTE, DR770X LTE, DR750X LTE Plus and DR750 LTE


    For DR900S, DR750S, DR650S

    • DR900S Series, DR750S Series, DR650S Series, DR650GW Series, DR550GW Series


    For D590W, DR590



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