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What is the camera's serial number?


    BlackVue products are identified by fourteen-character serial numbers. Serial numbers are usually requested from the customer for the following reasons:

    • To determine the manufacturing date and warranty
    • To identify the products distribution channel / BlackVue partner's seller information
    • To confirm registration to a BlackVue account (Cloud-compatible dashcam models only)
    • To provide camera's SSID and  WiFi password (WiFi- and Cloud-compatible models), as well as Cloud code to customers for registration (Cloud-compatible dashcam models only)

    The camera's serial number is printed on a sticker attached on the camera box (see image below, Ex. D77XS1M1E03078).


    The serial number can also be seen on the sticker on the camera box case (left image). If you remove the camera mount, you can also check the serial number printed on a sticker attached on the camera itself (right image).


    The rear camera's serial number is almost the same as its front camera, especially the eight characters from the right. Other BlackVue products, such as the battery pack, are identified by a fourteen-character serial number (Ex. B13XE3LBE00033).


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