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BlackVue Wi-Fi Mode


    What is BlackVue Wi-Fi Mode?

    “Wi-Fi Mode” is available on the BlackVue App, which is designed for users who do not want to create an account and log in or need to connect their dashcam directly to the App.

    NOTE: This feature is similar to the BlackVue Wi-Fi Mode View that is accessible when the user logs in the app (Cloud Mode). To understand more about the Wi-Fi Mode View and Cloud Mode View, you can click here.



    (a) shows the page when no camera is added to the list. The view will change to (b) when camera are added, making the +Camera button available at the lower portion of the screen.


    Without the need to create a BlackVue account and log in, a user can add camera(s) to the list to access video recordings, do Live View, modify camera settings, accessed downloaded videos, and check battery status.


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