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How to change / reset the dashcam's Wi-Fi SSID/password?


     Note: The DR750S and DR590W Series introduces unique Wi-Fi passwords instead of the default “blackvue” password. 

         The password is printed on the label , which can be checked by removing the dashcam from its mount. 


    Reset the dashcam's Wi-Fi SSID / password to default using Wi-Fi button on the dashcam (DR900S, DR750S and DR590W only):

    1. Turn on the dashcam until it fully boots up and says "Starting Normal Recording"

    2. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the beep.

    3. After the voice prompt, press the button once to reset the Wi-Fi credentials to default.



    Change the dashcam's Wi-Fi SSID / password using BlackVue PC Viewer (Windows or Mac):

    1.  Turn off the dashcam and remove the microSD card from it.

    2.  Insert the card into the microSD card reader and connect it to a computer.

    3.  Run the BlackVue Viewer program.

    4.  In BlackVue Viewer go to Settings (Windows) / Windows Viewer-> Preferences (Mac) to access the  settings panel.

    5.  Click the Wi-Fi  tab and under Login credentials change the password.

    * The dashcam's Wi-Fi password is case sensitive which means that upper case " A " and lower case " a " are considered different letters.
    * If you click on "Reset" , the password will be changed to default password: blackvue(For DR650S/GW) and unique password for DR750S and DR590 series. 

    6.  Click Save & Close.



    Change the dashcam's Wi-Fi SSID / password over the Cloud:

    *Please make sure that  dashcam and the smartphone are connected to the internet (Wi-Fi hotspot)

    1.   Login to the BlackVue app.

    2.   Select BLACKVUE CLOUD.

    3.   Go to Camera settings > Firmware settings > Wi-Fi settings > Login credentials.

    You can change the camera’s SSID and Wi-Fi login password.