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How to change/reset the dashcam's Wi-Fi SSID and/or password?


    Reset via WiFi Button (DR590W, DR750S, DR900S Series)

    1. Turn on the dashcam until it fully boots up and says "Starting Normal Recording"

    2. Press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the beep.

    3. After the voice prompt, press the button once to reset the Wi-Fi credentials to default.

    Note: The DR750S and DR590W Series introduces unique Wi-Fi passwords instead of the default “blackvue” password. 

         The password is printed on the label , which can be checked by removing the dashcam from its mount. 


    Reset/Change via BlackVue Cloud App (Cloud-Compatible DR650GW, DR650S, DR750S, DR900S Series)

    *Please make sure that  dashcam and the smartphone are connected to the internet (Wi-Fi hotspot)

    1.   Login to the BlackVue app.

    2.   Select BLACKVUE CLOUD.

    3.   Go to Camera settings > Firmware settings > Wi-Fi settings > Login credentials.

    You can change the camera’s SSID and Wi-Fi login password.


     4.   Go back to the Firmware settings menu, tap < and tap Save and Close.


    Reset/Change via BlackVue PC Viewer (DR590W, DR650GW, DR650S, DR750S, DR900S Series)

    For both Windows or MAC Users

    1.  Turn off the dashcam and remove the microSD card from it.

    2.  Insert the card into the microSD card reader and connect it to a computer.

    3.  Run the BlackVue Viewer program.

    4.  In BlackVue Viewer go to Settings (Windows) / Windows Viewer-> Preferences (Mac) to access the  settings panel.

    5.  Click the Wi-Fi  tab and under Login credentials change the password.

    * The dashcam's Wi-Fi password is case sensitive which means that upper case " A " and lower case " a " are considered different letters.
    * If you click on "Reset" , the password will be changed to default password: blackvue for DR650S/DR650GW and unique password for DR900S/DR750S/DR590 series. 

    6.  Click Save & Close.



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