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The dashcam is restarting randomly, how to fix it?


    Below are reasons why your camera reboots randomly and what can you do to fix the issue. 

    • DR430-2CH, DR450-1CH, DR470-2CH (with external GPS module connected ) DR650S and 650GW series dashcams with the latest firmware installed reboot to save the GPS time on the RTC (Real Time Clock) of the dashcam. The dashcam gives "Resetting the time" before it reboots. If this happens often, please proceed with RMA service for RTC replacement/repair.  


    • There is also a possibility that the camera restarts due to some issues with the power source. Check the condition of the cigarette power cable, battery pack accessory, and/or hardwiring cables. In addition, check if your hardwiring kit (e.g. Power Magic Pro or Power Magic Ultra Battery) is properly installed.



    If the issue recurs with the BlackVue microSD card even after formatting it / firmware upgrade, and you are using BlackVue models other than DR900S and DR750S, please send us the following details at cs@pittasoft.com for further examination of the issue:

    1. "Config" and "System" folders from the " BlackVue" folder inside the microSD card.
     (To get them, turn off the dashcam --> take out the microSD card --> connect it to your computer using the microSD card reader --> open the microSD card drive --> open "BlackVue" folder -->from there, zip the "Config" and "System" folders only and attach them to the email.)

    2. The most recent date when the restarting issue occurred.

    3. The microSD card model and storage capacity.

    4. How long have you been using the microSD card?



    *It is recommended to format the microSD card at least once a month to avoid any operational issues related to the microSD card.

    *If you are using a microSD card for more than six months, it is recommended to get a new one.
     -The BlackVue microSD cards have a six-month warranty period. You can contact the seller for the replacement of the faulty BlackVue microSD card within the warranty period.

    *The main requirement (aside from the microSD card being Class 10) is that the microSD card must be formatted as FAT 32 [windows] or MS-DOS (FAT) [mac]. We highly recommend using BlackVue microSD cards for optimal performance. The reason for it is that dashcams put microSD cards under higher stress than most electronic products such as action cameras or DSLRs due to their constant recording. We test our cards extensively before selecting them for inclusion in our products, to make sure that their performance is good and degrades as little as possible over time. We cannot guarantee the perfect performance of cards from other manufacturers, as even cards with the same specifications may vary from batch to batch. Especially the SanDisk microSD cards, which show more restarting and stability issues in BlackVue dashcams.


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