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How to register the dashcam for BlackVue Cloud service?



    1. In the BlackVue app select BLACKVUE CLOUD and login into your account.

    2. Tap Yes to receive push notifications (this setting can be adjusted at any time later).

    3. Select Register new camera.

    4. Register your camera using one of the following methods: 

    QR Code: Press Scan QR Code and line up the QR Code on your smartphone’s screen.



    Manual registration: Enter your camera’s Serial number and Cloud code and press Register.

    If your dashcam is compatible with Cloud but doesn’t have a QR Code or Cloud code, send us the photo/screenshot of the dashcam's serial number and the SSID (MAC Address) at cs@pittasoft.com

     *To find the serial number, unplug the cables and carefully take out the dashcam from the mount by pressing the lock button. You will see the serial number on the silver sticker.

     *To find the SSID (MAC Address), turn on the camera and turn on the Wi-Fi in your smartphone. You will see the camera's SSID in the available Wi-Fi networks section of your smartphone.                                        

    mceclip1.png   mceclip0.png


    The app will ask for your permission to access your dashcam’s GPS data. If you allow access, the app will be able to show your dashcam’s location and speed. If you don’t allow access, you won’t be able to see your dashcam’s location and speed over the Cloud (you can allow access later in Privacy settings).       





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