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What is BlackVue Cloud service internet data usage?


    BlackVue Cloud only requires minimum data to be connected to the internet.

    When you go to BLACKVUE CLOUD menu in BlackVue app, there are three kinds of services and data consumption is as follows:  

     1)  Live View: Data is used at a rate of 600kbps (kilobits per second).

     2)  VOD/ Replay (Camera or Cloud folder):  When you replay a recording, the data is consumed according to the Video Quality (bitrate) set in the dashcam's firmware settings, i.e. if the video quality is set to High and FHD+HD 30fps, the data will be consumed at the rate of 8Mbps for front camera and 4Mbps for rear camera.


     3) File download/upload: When you download a file to the Internal Memory or upload a file to Cloud, the data is used according to the file size, i.e. if it's 50MB video file then the data used is also 50MB.  


    Note: The above details of data consumption are approximations only and the actual data consumption may differ depending on the usage conditions of the user.

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