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Is my BlackVue Camera Cloud-compatible?


    BlackVue Cloud service works only with the DR970X/DR970X LTE, DR770X/DR770X LTE, DR750LTE/DR750X LTE Plus, DR900/DR750 (S, X, and X Plus Series), and DR650S Series dashcams. In addition, DR650GW dashcams that were manufactured after April 2015 are also Cloud-compatible.


    To check if your DR650GW is compatible with the Cloud service and to receive your Cloud security code (QR code), please send us the photo/screenshot of the dashcam's serial number and the SSID (MAC Address) to cs@pittasoft.com.


    *The serial number is on the package box and also printed on the dashcam. To find it, unplug the cables and carefully take out the dashcam from the mount by pressing the lock button. You will see the serial number on the silver sticker.

    *To find the SSID (MAC Address), turn on the camera and turn on the Wi-Fi in your smartphone. You will see the camera's SSID in the available Wi-Fi networks section of your smartphone. It should look as follows: DR650GW-XXXXXX (6 digits/letters).


    *If you have changed the SSID, you can revert it back to the default SSID in the dashcam/firmware settings --> Wi-Fi Settings --> Login credentials --> Leave the SSID space blank --> Save & Close


    Sample images:




    Camera Models not Compatible with Cloud

    • DR590W Series (1CH and 2CH)
    • DR590 Series (1CH and 2CH)
    • DR490L-2CH
    • DR490-2CH
    • DR450-1CH
    • DR430-2CH
    • DR470-2CH
    • DR750LW-2CH
    • DR3500-FHD
    • DR600GW-HD
    • DR500W-HD
    • DR500GW-HD
    • DR550GW-2CH
    • DR500-HD
    • DR530W-2CH
    • DR400G-HD
    • DR400G-HD II
    • DR380G-HD
    • DR380-HD
    • DR350
    • DR300
    • DR300G




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