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How do I watch Live View via the BlackVue App?


    Watching Live View over the Cloud:

    *Please make sure that the dashcam and the smartphone are connected to the internet.


    1. Tap Live view at the bottom.

    Live view on blackvue app


    2. Select the camera at the top to change the live view orientation.

    camera orientation on blackvue app


    3. Tap landscape mode on blackvue app on the player to view the video in landscape mode.

    landscape view on blackvue app


    4. Tap landscape mode on blackvue app on the map to view the map in full-screen mode.

    vehicle tracking map on blackvue app


    5. Tap switch map type on blackvue app on the map to select either the map or satellite view.


    6. Tap microphone on blackvue app at the top right to use Two-way voice communication. Tap the Tap to talk button and you will be given 30 seconds to talk. If you would like to listen before the 30-second session ends, tap the Tap again to listen button. Once the 30-second session ends, you will listen to the driver again.

    two way voice communication on blackvue app



    NOTE: The Voice Call function was developed for the X Plus series. Two-way voice communication applies to older camera models.


    7. In case you turn off the GPS location in the recording setting, the map view becomes unavailable.

    Live GPS is unavailable on blackvue app


    Watching Live View via Direct-Wi-Fi:

    1. Go to your smartphone’s Settings > Wi-Fi and connect to your dashcam.

    2. Open the BlackVue app. Select Connect to camera and tap the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.



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