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How to create an account or sign up via the BlackVue Mobile App?


    To use the BlackVue Cloud service, a user is required to create an account (sign up) in our BlackVue Mobile App, PC Viewer computer application, or BlackVue Cloud website (www.blackvuecloud.com).


    Follow the procedures below to create an account in the BlackVue Mobile App.

    1. Download the BlackVue Mobile App (Android/iOS).
    2. Open the BlackVue app.

    3. Fill in the sign up form and tap the Sign up. We will send a confirmation email to the email address you provided.

    4. Fill in the 6 digit code sent to your email. Make sure that this page in your app is open while checking the confirmation code. Try to search for our email in your spam box if you can’t find it in your inbox.

    5. Check the 6-digit confirmation code sent to your email and fill in the code to verify. Once it’s completely filled out, you will be logged in automatically.


    NOTE: The account created via the BlackVue App, PC Viewer, or BlackVue Cloud website is different from the account created on our official website (www.blackvue.com). The first account allows a user to register a Cloud-compatible camera to access, modify, and saves its recordings and settings remotely. The second account is exclusive for our Online Shop purchases.


    The third account with BlackVue is for our Help Center exclusive use. This account allows you to post a topic or comment on articles uploaded in the Community section of the BlackVue Help Center page.


    A user can use the same email address to create all three accounts.



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