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Recordings or the settings can't be read / accessed in the BlackVue Viewer?



    If the recordings or the settings can not be read/accessed in the BlackVue Viewer:

    • Check if the microSD is properly connected to the computer
    • Check if the microSD card is detected by the computer and can be accessed in "My Computer" / "Disk Utility".
    • Try using another microSD card reader.
    • Try to connect the microSD card to another computer.

    If the microSD card still cannot be accessed, insert the microSD card in the dashcam and format it by pressing the Wi-Fi button for 15~20 seconds until the camera beeps. After the dashcam reboots, take out the microSD card and connect to the computer again. You should be able to access the microSD card. If not, please try using a new microSD card.


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