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[BlackVue App] Firmware Over the Air Upgrade (FOTA)


    Upgrading the firmware using an iOS or Android device (Firmware Over The Air)

    Click here for a step-by-step video tutorial. Makes sure your smartphone has a stable internet connection.

    This latest firmware can be downloaded and saved on the phone. The user has the option to connect to the camera via Direct WiFi to update the firmware soon after the firmware download is finished or do it at a later time.

    (NOTE: Only WiFi and Cloud-compatible BlackVue models follow this method of firmware upgrade)


    1. Open the BlackVue app.
    2. Tap  and select Firmware download.
    3. Select your dashcam model and the firmware language and tap OK.



    •  Please select the firmware language currently installed in your dashcam. Once the upgrade is completed, you can change the firmware language from dashcam settings as described on FW Language

    4. Check the firmware version and release notes and tap Download to start downloading.
    5. After the download completes, tap Firmware upgrade to be taken to the screen on the right below. Make sure your BlackVue dashcam is on and nearby.


    6. Go to your smartphone’s Settings then select Wi-Fi, and make sure the camera's Wi-Fi is turned on. 


    7. Choose your BlackVue dashcam from the network list. The dashcam’s default SSID begins with its model number (e.g. BlackVue900X-******).
    8. Enter the password and tap join. After connecting to the camera's WiFi, go back to the app showing the screen on the middle image above and press Next. Click Upgrade to proceed further.
    * The default Wi-Fi SSID and password are labeled on the dashcam. To find them, unplug the cables and remove the front camera from its mount.
    9. Wait until the firmware upgrade is completed.




    In case you downloaded the latest firmware remotely and decided to update the firmware at a later time, you can do the following procedures.

    1. Go to your smartphone’s Settings then select Wi-Fi, and make sure the camera's Wi-Fi is turned on. 

    2. Open the BlackVue app. Select Connect to camera >  > Firmware upgrade (FOTA).



    •  The firmware version currently installed on the MicroSD card is shown first. Below it, the firmware version you downloaded in step 4 is shown.

    3. Tap Upgrade to apply the firmware upgrade.
    4. The dashcam’s firmware will be upgraded – this may take a few minutes. The dashcam needs to reboot to complete the firmware upgrade.



    Please make sure the dashcam is powered on until normal recording starts after the upgrade is completed. Any power interruption may prevent the firmware upgrade from completing, resulting in a malfunction of the dashcam.

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