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[BlackVue App] Firmware Over the Air Upgrade (FOTA)


    In the tutorial video below, learn how to upgrade the firmware of your Wi-Fi-enabled BlackVue dashcam with the BlackVue app for iOS/Android.

    Note: The app name has been changed from " BlackVue C" to "BlackVue"



    1. Open the latest BlackVue app.
    2. Go to “Firmware download” menu.
    3. Choose your dashcam’s model number and firmware language and press OK. ( The firmware language that you choose must be the same as the default firmware language.)
    4. Once the firmware download is completed, turn ON the Wi-Fi of your dashcam (Wi-Fi LED should be blinking or ON), next, go to Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone and connect to the dashcam’s Wi-Fi.
    5. Open BlackVue app -> BLACKVUE WI-FI -> Camera Settings (Gear Icon) -> Firmware upgrade.*The firmware will be transferred from your smartphone to the dashcam, so place the smartphone as close as possible to the dashcam to avoid any interruption while transferring the file.
    6. After the firmware transfer is completed, the dashcam will reboot and update the firmware.


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