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Upgrading the dashcam's firmware via BlackVue PC Viewer (Computer Software)


    *Note: The firmware can also be upgraded by using the BlackVue app in the dashcams with built-in Wi-Fi module. 

    Following steps describe how to upgrade the firmware using a computer:

    • Turn off the dashcam and take out the SD card. Connect it with the computer by using the microSD card reader.
    • After getting the backup of the necessary recordings saved on the microSD card, format it as FAT32[windows] / MS-DOS(FAT) [MAC] using the format tool in BlackVue Viewer program



    • Download the latest firmware for your dashcam model from our website.
    • Unzip the downloaded firmware and copy the "BlackVue" folder only into the microSD card.
    • Insert the microSD card in the dashcam and power it up.
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