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Dashcam's GPS not working, how to fix it?


    First,  upgrade your dashcam's firmware to the latest version available on our website.


    Note that GPS may take 10~15 minutes to lock on after you start driving.


    Depending on the vehicle and the location of the BlackVue device GPS signal can be blocked due to strong radio interference of other electronic devices in the car, the cloudy/rainy weather or mountains, tunnels, tall buildings on both sides of the road, etc. Please check if GPS works by removing the unit from the bracket and positioning the unit far away from the rearview mirror. If it works then there must be heavy interference near the rear-view mirror. It is better to relocate the BlackVue.


    However, if you have used the dashcam for 1~2 days after upgrading the firmware and considering the above, and the dashcam's GPS is still not working, then please contact the seller to proceed with the RMA service.

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