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RMA Service (Repair/Replacement) Procedure



    • Please refer to your product’s manual for warranty information. As a general rule, BlackVue dashcams and add-on products (Power Magic Pro, Power Magic Battery Pack, etc.) have a one-year warranty period. Memory cards are covered by a 6-months warranty, and consumables such as tapes, cable clips, etc. are not covered by the warranty. However, if the malfunction is due to user’s negligence, repair cost may be charged even within the warranty period. A receipt or any proof of purchase is required to determine the product's warranty period. You must possess your purchase receipt or other proof of purchase to receive warranty service.

    •  We deal RMAs through our business partners, distributors and sellers.

    The standard RMA service procedure is as follows:

    1.  In case of any malfunction of the dashcam, contact the seller and ask them for the product replacement or repair service.
    2. If the seller refuses to provide the services or you cannot contact the seller for any reason, contact the authorized BlackVue distributor in your country directly.
    3. If the distributor can't provide the services either, or you cannot contact them for any reason, send us the following details:
      • Serial number printed on the dashcam
      • Seller's details (name, location etc.)
      • The purchase receipt or invoice
      • Your current location
      • Email conversation history with the seller/distributor (if available)


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