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Where is the proximity sensor located and how does it work?



    • The proximity sensor is located on the side of the front camera next to the Wi-Fi LED.

    • With the exception of theDR750LW-2CH model, all the BlackVue dashcams with built-in Wi-Fi module have the proximity sensor.
    • The proximity sensor is used primarily for Audio Recording ON/OFF feature but in DR650GW and DR650S, it works as following:
    Proximity sensor (on side of front camera) function. DR650GW DR650S

    Legacy Firmware
    (DR650GW: 1.XXX~)

    Audio Recording ON/OFF (DR650S doesn't have legacy firmware)
    Latest Cloud Firmware
    Manual Recording trigger By default: Audio Recording ON/OFF
    However, it can  be set to trigger Manual recording instead in the dashcam/firmware settings


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