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My DR650GW can't be upgraded to firmware v.2.007, how to troubleshoot it?



    Some old firmware versions of DR650GW series dashcams cannot be directly upgraded to Cloud compatible firmware v.2.007, so please try the following procedure:

    1. Turn off the dashcam and take out the microSD card. Connect it with the computer by using the microSD card reader.

    2. After getting the backup of the recordings saved on the SD card, format it as FAT32[windows] / MS-DOS(FAT) [MAC] using the format tool in BlackVue Viewer program.


    3. Download BlackVue Legacy firmware (v1.011: for 2CH or v.1.004: for 1CH ) and latest cloud compatible firmware v.2.007 from our website.

    4. Unzip  both downloaded firmwares.

    5. First only copy the "BlackVue" folder from unzipped legacy firmware (v1.011 for 2CH or v.1.004 for 1CH )  into the microSD card.

    6. Insert the microSD card back into the dashcam and power it up.

    7. Let the dashcam upgrade the firmware and once it says "Starting Normal recording" , turn it off, take out the microSD card and do the above steps (1-6) once again but this time, copy the "BlackVue" folder from the unzipped Cloud firmware ( v.2.007) only into the microSD card.