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How to access the dashcam over the Cloud from more than one devices?


    BlackVue dash cameras can be registered to a Cloud account one at a time.


    For Free & Smart Plan Users

    If you want someone to access your dashcam over the Cloud, you will have to share the email ID and password of your BlackVue app account with them. However, only one user can log in and access the dashcam at a time and it will automatically log out from the other device where it was already logged in.


    For Fleet Plan Users

    A fleet plan user can create a group of drivers for his fleet vehicles. A maximum of three drivers can be assigned to one camera. A driver may be assigned to only one camera with the limited ability to view his or her own account profile; his or her assigned camera’s live view and playback.


    Learn more about Fleet Management and Managing Groups in a Fleet Account from our Help Center.



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