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Cloud Subscription via BlackVue Mobile App (Smart Plan)


    Only one dashcam can be registered to an account on the BlackVue app free of charge (Free Starter Account). However, you can purchase extra camera slots and register up to 3 dashcams on the same account (Smart Plan) with an additional fee.


    NOTE:  Cloud Plans are only available to Cloud-compatible camera models (DR650GW Cloud, DR650S Series, DR750 S and X Series, DR900 S and X Series, and DR750-2CH LTE. DR590W and X Series do not support full-cloud functions.


    You can access live view over the cloud for 10 minutes per day free of charge (Free Starter Account). With the Smart Plan, you can enjoy Unlimited Live View, Unlimited Remote video playback and download per month, a ninety-day GPS Tracking record, and more.


    To do the in-app purchase, log in to the BlackVue app using your Cloud account and follow the procedures below.

    1. Go to your BlackVue app and tap on the upper left three-line icon menu-icon to see the menu list.
    2. Tap the “Upgrade plan” button.
    3. Choose “Smart” and read the services being offered. Tap “Get started” to proceed to the next step.
    4. You can choose from one up to three cameras. On this page, you will add two extra camera slots as you already have a camera occupying a free slot offered by the free plan. Please take note of the price difference as you change the number of cameras. Tap “Get started” to proceed with the payment.
    5. After choosing the number of camera(s), the payment page will appear. Before proceeding, please take note of the price of the subscription as this may vary according to the local currency rate conversion.
    6. Check out:
      1. For Android users: Choose your mode of payment (e.g. Credit Card, Google Play store account, add to the monthly phone bill, etc.) Click "Subscribe" after choosing the mode of payment and wait for confirmation that the payment was successfully made.
      2. For iOS users: Confirm with touch ID and proceed with the payment accordingly.



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