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How to enable / disable GPS data access / sharing over the Cloud?



    When you register the dashcam for BlackVue Cloud service, the app will ask for your permission to access your dashcam’s GPS data.

    If you allow access, our Cloud server will be able to access and share your dashcam’s location and speed and you will be able to see these details (speed and location of your car) when accessing the dashcam over the Cloud. To disable the access, you will have to unregister the dashcam from your account and register it again and choose "Don’t allow" when the pop-up appears.


    If you choose "Don’t allow", you won’t be able to see your dashcam’s location and speed over the Cloud.
    You can also allow access in the Privacy settings of the camera as follows:
    Open the BlackVue app -> Go to BLACKVUE CLOUD -> click on the menu icon of your camera and choose "Camera Settings" -> Go to Privacy settings.
    You can also choose to share Live View video, audio, and camera name if you want.  




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