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DR970X Plus Series (1CH and 2CH)


    This camera model is available in different varieties.

    * You can check the detailed product manual from our website.


    DR970X Plus Camera Series at a Glance

    The following diagrams explain each part of the BlackVue dashcam.

    Front Camera







    Rear camera

    Regular Rear Camera



    • For 1CH users, the BlackVue rear camera is an optional accessory.


    IR Rear Camera

    A) Mounting bracket
    B) Camera lens


    A) V out (Front camera connection port)
    B) Rear security LED

     : Stays on in all recordings modes but can be turned off from firmware settings.


    The illumination sensor detects when it is dark and activates the IR LEDs for optimal interior recording.


    Recording Time:

    DR970X-1CH Plus

    DR970X-2CH Plus


    Product Specifications:

    DR970X-1CH Plus / DR970X-2CH Plus (Regular Rear Camera)




    • For 1CH users, if a rear camera is added, refer to the 2CH specification.


    DR970X-2CH IR Plus camera


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