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What is live Auto-upload and how to set it up?


    This feature allows the dashcam to automatically upload live footage of D1 (480p) resolution @ 10fps (regardless of the resolution/frame rate settings of the dashcam) along with audio and GPS data to BlackVue Cloud, provided that the dashcam model and FW version are compatible with this feature and the dashcam is connected to the internet (BlackVue Cloud). 

    Compatible models:

    • DR650S-1CH/2CH FW ver.1.011 & later
    • DR750S-1CH/2CH FW ver.1.004 & later

    Compatible software:

    • App version: Android v.2.68 & later, iOS v.2.68 & later
    • Cloud Viewer (Windows) v.1.16 & later, Cloud Viewer (Mac) v.1.17 & later
    • Cloud Viewer Pro (Windows) v.1.06 & later

    How to set up?

    By default the Live Auto-upload feature is disabled.  To enable and configure it, please follow these steps:

    1. Login to the BlackVue app.
    2. Tap and select your email address to open Account settings.
    3. Turn on Live Auto-upload.


    To configure detailed settings for each dashcam:

    1. Select BLACKVUE CLOUD.
    2. Tap next to your camera name and select Camera settings.


    3. Select Live Auto-upload settings.
    4. Configure your desired settings and press OK.



    • Notes:
    • Live Auto-upload recordings are saved in a separate Cloud storage, thus the regular BlackVue Cloud Storage space is not occupied by them.
    • The number of replays and downloads of live auto-upload recordings count towards your monthly “File Replay/Download” limit i.e. 100 replays & downloads/month for free account.
    • The Live Auto-upload recordings stored on Cloud will automatically be deleted after the following period:
      • Free Account: 2 days
      • Subscribed account : 7 days

    *Live Auto-upload recordings can’t be deleted from the Cloud manually.


    • Avatar
      Edison Man

      Already tried it, but no Live Auto-Upload setting appear, so what shall I do now? I really need to use this Live Auto-Upload! Please tell me how to get it working!

    • Avatar
      Vaughn Henry

      Live Auto-upload is not in my settings, how do i turn it on?

    • Avatar

      Dear Customers
      Can you please tell us what version of app and firmware are you using?
      Please update to the latest app and firmware version and see if it helps in viewing the Live Auto upload settings.
      Let us know in case you still don't see them.

      Thank you

    • Avatar
      Sean May

      Hello Support, I am unable to find the Live Auto-upload under my account settings on app version 2.75