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DR750S Series


    * You can download the detailed product manual from our website.

    * DR750S series models support up to 128GB microSD cards.


    Front Camera





    Rear camera



    IR Camera


    Recording Time:


    DR750S-2CH (Regular, IR, Truck)



    • There may be some variation in the actual recording time
    • If the microSD card is full, older files are deleted first to make space for newly-recorded videos. If possible, backup important files such as Event recording files.
    • Formatting the microSD card at least once a month is recommended.

    Product Specifications:



    DR750S-2CH Regular


    DR750S-2CH IR


    DR750S-2CH Truck




    • Avatar
      Joakim Omland Mathisen

      You have to use FAT32

    • Avatar

      can I use cloud account to upload the recording videos
      how many hours of recording can i save in the cloud if I have 10 gb in my account.?

    • Avatar
      David Jordan

      I have set up automatic download for all events. The cloud storage is still empty. How do I get video to automatically load into the Blackvue cloud? I have extensively searched your available literature and the app but nothing tells me how to make it save video to the cloud automatically. I found it keeps video for 90 days but nothing tells me how to get it there automatically. Help!!

    • Avatar
      Jeremy Brewster

      When I bought my DR750, the max SD card size was 128GB. I see on the product page that 256GB cards are now available. Does the regular firmware update increase the max supported card size, or is it a hardware change in the newer cameras?

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