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Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-130X, B-124X, B-124E, B-124) Installation Guide


    This installation guide applies for both B-124, B-124X, and B-130X models.

    The battery gets charged via the cigarette power cable or power from the car's battery when hardwired while the car engine is on, for both cases. Charging stops when car engine is turned off.


    Installation guide

    1. Set the power switch to the OFF position. 

    2.1. For DIY installation using a cigarette lighter plug power cable:

    a. Plug the cigarette lighter plug power cable into the Ultra Battery’s DC in port. Plug the other end of the power cable into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.


    b.1. For B-124/B-124X: Set the power switch to the Cigarette position. Proceed to step 3.


    Caution: When using a cigarette lighter plug power cable you must set the switch to Cigarette. If you set the switch to the Hardwire position when using a cigarette lighter plug power cable it may result in product failure, overheating, ignition, etc.


    b.2. For B-130X: Proceed to step 3.


    2.2. For a hardwired installation using a hardwiring power cable:

    a. Plug the hardwiring power cable into the Ultra Battery’s DC in port.


    b. Referring to your vehicle Owner’s Manual, identify a Switched (accessory power) fuse of more than 10A in your interior fuse panel. Typical examples are the cigarette lighter and car stereo fuse slots.


    Caution: If you connect the Ultra Battery to a Constant Power (BATT) fuse it may result in the depletion of your vehicle’s battery.


    c. Remove the identified Switched fuse and match its type with one of the 3 fuse taps.

    d. Insert the ACC wire into the connector end of the fuse tap. Use a crimping tool or pliers to crimp the connector onto the wire.



    e. Insert the fuse you removed from the fuse panel into the slot closest to the blades on the fuse tap.

    NOTE (B-124X/B-130X): If the original fuse is a low-profile mini type, use the new 10A mini type fuse instead (included)

    f. Insert a new fuse into the slot farthest away from the fuse tap blades.

    For B-124X



    For B-130X


    g. Insert the fuse tap into the empty Switched fuse slot in the fuse panel.

    Caution: Refer to the diagram and insert the fuse tap in the correct orientation. In the correct orientation, the new fuse (f) gets power directly from the fuse slot without putting an additional load on the original fuse (e). If you insert the fuse tap in the reversed orientation the additional load on the original fuse may cause it to blow.

    h. Connect the ground wire (ring) to a ground point, such as a bolt, that is directly on a bare metal part of the vehicle's frame. Secure the ground wire to the bare metal frame (for example by securing it under the bolt).
    i. For B-124X: Set the power switch to the Hardwire position. For B-130X: Set the power switch to ON position.


    3. Plug the ‘Output cable’ into the port labeled Dashcam on the Ultra Battery. 

    4. Plug your dashcam’s power plug into the cigarette lighter socket on the Ultra Battery’s ‘Output cable’.

    NOTE: To ensure good electrical contact you can use electrical tape to tape the plug and socket together.

    5. Use a pry tool to lift the edges of the windshield trim/molding and tuck in the power cord. Use the supplied Velcro strips to fix the Ultra Battery in place.


    Do not expose the product to direct sunlight and/or heat.


    Power Magic Expansion Battery (B-124E)

    Easily double usage time by plugging in a Power Magic Expansion Battery B-124E (6,600 mAh / 84.5 Wh). When the Ultra Battery and 1 Expansion Battery are fully charged they can supply power for approximately 53 hours 45 mins in total (based on a single dashcam that consumes 3 W). Charging time is approximately 2 hours 30 mins (Cigarette lighter plug) / 1 hour 20 mins (Hardwired).


    When you add 1 or more expansion batteries please adjust the total available battery capacity using the BlackVue Battery manager app.

    Multiple expansion batteries can be connected together in sequence to extend usage time even further. Please note charging time will also increase accordingly.




    In the video tutorial below, learn how to install a BlackVue Power Magic Ultra Battery (B124) for Parking Mode Recording.



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      david m

      I’m confused! In the user manual it says select a acc fuse 10 amps or below and in the tutorial it says it needs to be 20 amps or above. Have I missed something?

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