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Difference between Parking Mode Batteries

    Features Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112) Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124) Power Magic Ultra Battery X (B-124X)
    Charging Time  60 min          Hardwired: 40 min          Hardwired: 40 min
    Cigarette Lighter (5A): 80 min Cigarette Lighter (5A): 80 min
    Power Supply Time  12 hours         20+ hours (1-CH dashcam) 20+ hours (1-CH dashcam)
    (when fully charged) 16+  hours (2-CH dashcam) 16+  hours (2-CH dashcam)
    Hard wiring  No Yes Yes
    Battery expansion No Yes Yes
    Phone app support No Yes Yes
    High Temperature Cut-off No Yes Yes
    USB Port Yes No Yes
    Power System 12V and 24V Systems 12V System Only 12V and 24V Systems


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