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Difference between Parking Mode Batteries


    As a BlackVue user, you must be interested in maximizing the features of your camera, particularly its recording when your car is parked. The use of Parking Mode batteries will definitely improve your experience in using BlackVue cameras. 


    With the inclusion of a parking mode battery in your BlackVue system, you can get recordings as evidence of any incident involving your car while you are away from it. Check the information in the table below to see the feature similarities and differences of the batteries and how can they fit your entire dashcam system. 


    Features Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112) Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124) Power Magic Ultra Battery X (B-124X)
    Charging Time  60 min          Hardwired: 40 min          Hardwired: 40 min
    Cigarette Lighter (5A): 80 min Cigarette Lighter (5A): 80 min
    Power Supply Time  12 hours         20+ hours (1-CH dashcam) 20+ hours (1-CH dashcam)
    (when fully charged) 16+  hours (2-CH dashcam) 16+  hours (2-CH dashcam)
    Hardwiring  No Yes Yes
    Battery expansion No Yes Yes
    Phone app support No Yes Yes
    High-Temperature Cut-off No Yes Yes
    USB Port Yes No Yes
    Power System 12V and 24V Systems 12V System Only 12V and 24V Systems


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