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[NEWS] "Image too bright" bug fixed in the DR750S 1.007 firmware


    The bug in the newly released firmware 1.007  of DR750S has been fixed. Please download and install the newly released firmware from the following link.



    Thank you 


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      link not work.
      I get an error on the download page
      ArgumentCountError thrown
      Too few arguments to function WPDMPP\WPDMPremiumPackage::hide_single_file_download_link(), 3 passed and exactly 4 expected

      And about my second question.
      I also have noises from the camera
      When I drive I hear the noise of some loose inside the camera.
      Firmware update should solve this problem as well?

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      I have not yet done the firmware update.
      I explain that I have another problem with the camera
      The second problem is
      When I drive in my car, I hear noises.
      It sounds like the noise of the electronic part released inside the camera
      The noise was heard only from the front camera.
      I took out the camera and shook it
      And when I shake the camera I hear there is a noise of something broken in the face (part liberated).
      This is a problem that can not be solved with a firmware update.
      The camera never fell or was physically damaged.
      What can you do about it?
      Is it possible for me to send you the camera and get another camera or are you fixing this camera?