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[NEWS] Introducing Time Lapse, Region-Based Motion Detection Parking Modes


    With the latest firmware and software releases, the BlackVue DR900S Series (v1.004) and DR750S Series (v1.010) receive two major Parking Mode upgrades

    • Brand new Time Lapse mode (with buffered Events) > Select “Time lapse”.
    • Improved Motion & Impact Detection mode (with region-based motion detection) > Select “Motion & Impact detection”.

    Access Parking Mode settings under Firmware settings > Basic > Recording > Parking mode recording.

    Dashcam Models:

    • DR900S Series (DR900S-1CH, DR900S-2CH)
    • DR750S Series (DR750S-1CH, DR750S-2CH, DR750S-2CH IR, DR750S-2CH TRUCK).

    Software version:

    • BlackVue App: Android / iOS v2.76 and up.
    • BlackVue Viewer: Windows v1.22 / Mac v1.23 and up.


    New Time Lapse with Buffered Events

    30 times longer recording time on your microSD card

    Time Lapse Parking Mode allows your dashcam to continuously record at 1FPS (one frame per second). Videos are played back 30FPS. 
    Each one-minute video recorded covers a 30-minute period. 

    Buffered Event videos in case of impact detected

    Now, there are still going to be situations where you want to have an actual video, because 1FPS might not be sufficient.

    That is why BlackVue’s Time Lapse mode also includes buffered Event recording.
    It means in case of a hit-and-run, your BlackVue switches to regular Event recording, including the 5-6 seconds before the impact. 


    Improved Motion & Impact Detection

    An upgrade to the existing Parking Mode

    The “regular” Parking Mode detects both:

    • motionsrecorded by the image sensor (Parking Mode files marked “P” in the file list)
    • impactsdetected by the accelerometer/G-sensor (Event files marked “E” in the file list).

    In both cases, the files recorded include the 5-6 seconds leading to the trigger (motion or impact).


    Ignore unnecessary areas to reduce false-positives

    Now, with the new Region-based Motion Detection, you are given a 4×4 grid of 16 selectable “regions” (Go to Firmware settings > Sensitivity > Motion detection (Parking Mode)).
    By default all regions are active and trigger motion detection. If you want to ignore the trees swaying in the wind, for example, you can do so by deselecting the regions making up the upper row. If your hood reflects the sky, you could deselect the regions covering it, and so on. 


    • Avatar

      Time lapse is not recording. It goes into parking mode. But it doesn’t record.

    • Avatar
      Federico Leone

      same for me

    • Avatar

      Dear Customers
      Thank you for choosing blackvue.
      It takes about 30 minutes after time lapse starts for the first file to show. After your dashcam enters parking mode, please wait for about 30 minutes to observe the time lapse recordings.

      Thank you

    • Avatar

      Yeah I know.. thank you. I eventually realized it. I guess I’m getting old.... lol

    • Avatar
      Philipp S.

      4x4 grids seem not to correspond correctly between the PC viewer settings and the settings on the dashcam itself (over the ipad).

    • Avatar
      Michael QIU

      Blackvue app version 2.86 does not have the option to select detection regions.