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How is Blackvue Viewer Pro different from Blackvue Viewer?


    BlackVue Viewer Pro is a dedicated Windows-compatible viewer for Blackvue Fleet Tracking users.

    If you have a subscribed fleet tracking account, you can use the following features in Viewer Pro, which are not available in blackvue viewer.

    • Multi Live View : monitor up to four dashcams simultaneously.
    • GPS Tracking History : access GPS data up to 90 days back.
      GPS data can be exported in .xls format or printed out directly.
    • Geo-fencing: set up geo-fences and receive real-time alerts on your phone.
    • Live Notifications: pushed to your phone or the Viewer Pro (based on the last device you logged in with).
    • Email notifications: in addition to Live notifications, receive important alerts by email. Two additional email addresses (on top of your Cloud account email) can be set to receive Email notifications.

    Important: you must log in with a BlackVue Fleet Tracking Account to access fleet-specific functions such as Multi Live View, GPS Tracking History and Geo-fencing. A regular BlackVue Cloud Account won't give access to those features. You can upgrade your regular BlackVue Cloud account to BlackVue Fleet Tracking for a free 7-day trial on the dedicated page at www.blackvuecloud.com.

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