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Generating Driving Reports for Fleet Tracking (BlackVue Web Viewer)


    What are Driving Reports?

    Driving Reports is a Fleet Tracking feature alongside GPS Tracking and Geo-Fencing which lets you view driving-related data collected by your BlackVue dashcams.


    1. Click the camera and the Report button.



    2. You can filter the data by date. Click the calendar icon, choose the tab Day, click the date, and press OK.



    3. You can also filter the data by month. Click the calendar icon, choose the tab Month, select which month you would like to display, and press OK.



    Cloud connectivity:

    For the Driving Reports to function properly, the dashcam must be connected to the Cloud at all times.
    Driving data are uploaded to the Cloud every minute.

    If disconnected from the Cloud, the dashcam will keep in memory up to 60 minutes of driving data and upload them to the Cloud upon re-establishing a connection.


    What data do the Driving Reports contain?

    The Driving Reports include the following data: 

    1. Driving Style: summary of Safe, Reckless, and Inattentive driving data
    2. Inattentive Driving: DMS-related data (Drowsy, Distracted, Hand distraction)
    3. Reckless Driving: summary of Hard cornering, Hard braking, Hard acceleration, and Overspeed data
    4. Event trends by hours: hourly data of inattentive and reckless driving
    5. Driving Details:
      • Driving: Distance and Time traveled
      • Parking: Parking sessions and Parked time
      • Idling: Number of idle stops and Idle time
      • Impact Events: number of events during Driving and Parking mode
      • Speed: shows highest and average speed data
      • Geofences: number of entries into and exits from a zone
      • Inattentive Driving:
      • Reckless Driving: number of Hard acceleration, Hard braking, Overspeed, and Hard cornering events

    Print and Export Driving Reports 

    With the BlackVue Web Viewer, you can print or download driving reports in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format, which is a format universally compatible with spreadsheet editing programs such as Microsoft Excel, and reports in PDF format.



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