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How to connect the Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack (B-124/B-124X) to the blackvue app via bluetooth


    On the B-124/B-124X Battery

    1. Make sure the battery is on. The switch on the battery should be towards the Cigarette side (if powering the battery through the cigarette power outlet) or the Hardwired side (if the battery is hardwired).

    2. Locate the Bluetooth code written on the battery. Should start with B124**** for the B-124 battery and 124X**** for the B-124X battery.


    On the Phone

    1. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on.

    2. Click "BlackVue Battery"  on the main landing page of the BlackVue app.

    3. Click on scan and locate your battery pack's Bluetooth number.

    4. Click on the number and you will be able to see the battery status details.




    • Avatar
      Victor Christian

      why i cannot find my b124 bluetooth after i choose scan on my ios phone? my bluetooth phone is on.

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      Junior Daley

      @Victor Christian, the current software is broken. It is at least on Android. Looking at the google play reviews shows that we all have the same issue. It rarely connects to your device and gives an error about manually connecting. I have never manually connected it so........

      After about 20 refreshes, it eventually works.

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      Gregory Gantt

      Mine connects if I turn off the device, and turn it back on (forcing my dash-cam to reboot as well)
      but after a few moments, the device stops discovering until I turn it off and on again - so annoying.
      My Battery FW version is 1.04, and I am using the BlackVue battery app for Android.

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