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Changes in Blackvue Cloud Privacy Default Settings


    Due to continuous customer concerns, the cloud privacy settings are changed on the blackvue cloud server to the following. 

    1. All the cameras which are public will be changed to private. Users who want to share their cameras live view/location publicly need to go in the privacy settings and share it live.

    2. The live/non live cameras and their location won't be shown on the map anymore.

    3. The default camera sharing settings will be  changed to private. 


    As a precaution, and to ensure that no user is broadcasting their location or Live View video feed inadvertently, we set all users’ camera location, name, video and audio sharing settings to private. This change was made at the server level and concerns both BlackVue Over the Cloud and BlackVue Fleet Tracking accounts.

    What it means for users going forward

    We updated the dashcam Cloud registration process so that when you choose to “Allow” the app to access your dashcam’s data, public sharing of dashcam location, name, video and audio are all disabled by default. 

    What it means for current users

    If your Privacy Settings were set to private already, you do not have to change anything.
    If you set your dashcam to broadcast its name, video or audio publicly, you will have to change those settings again manually. 

    You can access each dashcam’s Privacy settings from BLACKVUE CLOUD (in App) / Cloud Viewer (in Viewer) > Option button (vertical ellipsis ⋮ ) next to your dashcam’s name > Camera settings > Privacy Settings.



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      Vinod Patel

      Hello my name is Mr vinod Patel I bought blackvue dr650-2ch long time ago I try to register my camera on the cloud but I lost the cloud code sticker but I try to type in manually but I try it keep saying invalid code I'm going send you email and serial number dashcam thank you

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