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[UPDATE] Launching of Power Magic Ez


    Dear Customers

    Today we will be launching Power Magic Ez - This device significantly simplifies the Parking mode powering scenario.


    Power Magic EZ is an OBD kit designed to power your BlackVue dashcam in Parking Mode
    With BlackVue Parking Mode, let your dashcam monitor your vehicle while you are away. 
    Protect your car in case of hit-and-runs and expedite insurance claims!blackvue-power-magic-ez-main-features



    It is really that easy: plug Power Magic EZ into your vehicle’s OBD and your dashcam’s power socket.
    That’s it, you’re done with the installation!



    Safely start your car after long Parking Mode sessions.
    Power Magic EZ protects your vehicle’s battery from discharge in two ways.
    Timer cut-off: set up a shutdown timer from 6 hours to infinity.
    Voltage cut-off: shuts down your dashcam if power drops to 12/12.5V.



    When you don’t need to monitor your vehicle, switch Parking Mode off.
    The Parking Mode switch deactivates Parking Mode monitoring only.
    This way, if you forget to turn it back on, your dashcam will still record your drives.


    Country of origin

    Republic of Korea



    1 year manufacturer’s warranty


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      Ed Petronis

      I just installed one...the power switch ( on / off ) button needs to be moved . Can not be accessed when plugged in... please relocate it to the front...

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      Plugged in worked once. Returned for another. Plugged in worked once. What the???

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      Warning. This device does not work. Even with the voltage cut off set to 12.5V, the camera still drained the battery to the point the car cannot be started. This occurred in a brand new car with a brand new battery. Also, the Parking mode On/Off switch fails to turn the camera off when the car is parked on off. Waste of money, and my time. Had to jump start the car on multiple occasions.

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      Steven Boyd

      Like Jesse111, this device worked once, then never again. Tried every setting without success. 2019 Honda Civic Sedan. Saw post by BlackBoxMyCar (https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/power-magic-ez-not-working-on-my-vehicle.38446/) saying a 'new' version is out. I just ordered this a few weeks ago however, so perhaps this is a new change? I'm hoping Blackvue can offer a replacement program?