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[UPDATE] New Cloud FOTA (Firmware upgrade via the Cloud)


    Compatible Firmware's:

        DR900S: v1.008 and up

       DR750S: v1.013 and up


    • Upgrade your dashcam’s firmware easily over the Cloud.                                                         
    • To use this feature, go to the BLACKVUE CLOUD menu in the BlackVue app (Cloud Viewer in the desktop application).                                                                                                    
    • When a new firmware is available, an icon will show near your dashcam’s name.                            
    • Tap the 3-dot icon > Remote firmware update > Update Now. The dashcam will start downloading the firmware and automatically apply it. You will be notified once the upgrade is successful or fails.


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      Edward Card

      I have repeated this procedure, as outlined above, multiple times. I have also tried to update the Firmware to the current v1.014 using this method: (1) Eject the SD Card from my DR750S-2CH Camera; (2) Place the SD Card within its Reader; (3) Format the SD Card using my PC (Surface Pro4, running Windows10); (4) Downloading Firmware v1.014 to my PC, unzipping the Folder, then (5) copying the BlackVue Folder onto the SD Card; (6) Re-inserting the SD Card into my Camera; (7) the Camera senses the Software on the SD Card, and Re-Starts; then, (8) it Re-Starts and starts repeating a woman's [Korean?] voice saying something unintelligible, over & over... This is SO FRUSTRATING! I cannot update my Cameras with the new Firmware, either over-the-Cloud, nor with a manual-type method! Please Help!

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      Chrisy Jones

      I am having the same issue, i have installed the current firmware in the app. but it wont let me remotely do the camera? It states that i need to update my firmware to version 1.013 or later but i am now at firmware 1.014.

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      Edward Card

      Chrissy J. - Thank you for your comment. When you say, "I am having the same issue, ...," are you referring to the difficulty that I'm having upgrading the Camera's Firmware to v1.014.
      Are you the saying that the Phone App (called, "BLACKVUE Over the Cloud") is  the latest version (v2.86), but the Blackvue Camera is not running it's latest Firmware (v1.014)?  The Phone App runs a Software (in this case v2.86); but, the Camera runs Firmware (in my case, the Firmware that came preloaded on the Camera).  
      Is the Phone App able to show you videos captured by the Camera, even if they're not both running their latest Software/Firmware versions?
      Are you able to (or, not able to) upgrade the Camera's Firmware to v1.014?
      Have you had the problem, which I described above, where the Camera re-starts itself, and then a female voice is repeating some sort of error message in another language [maybe, Korean[?]].
      Thank you for any information, which you might provide.

      Edited by Edward Card